For the most up to date news and information on your state’s plan, visit:  https://www.tn.gov/aging/our-programs/home-and-community-based-services.html

Status of HCBS Settings Rule Transition Plan (STP)

Final Approvals

April 13, 2016: CMS granted Tennessee final approval of their STP (amended based on Public Comment on February 1, 2016). Final approval was granted because the state completed both its systemic assessment and its site-specific assessment, included the outcomes of both assessments in the STP, outlined remediation strategies to rectify issues that both assessments uncovered, and laid out its heightened scrutiny, ongoing monitoring and relocation processes. Tennessee will need to provide quarterly written updates, and participate in quarterly phone discussions with the CMS team to review the state’s progress in implementing the STP. In addition, the state must work collaboratively with CMS to identify any areas that may need strengthening with respect to the state’s remediation, relocation, and heightened scrutiny processes as they implement each of the key elements of their state transition plan.

On May 26, 2016, CMS presented an Educational Webinar on HCBS Rule Implementation & TN Approved STP.

Initial Approvals

April 13, 2016: CMS granted Tennessee final approval of their STP (amended based on Public Comment on February 1, 2016).

Draft STP Additions by Date

July 16, 2016: State Summary of Public Comment

June 20, 2016: State Memo on Authorization Changes for Facility Based Day Services

Nov 16, 2015: State Memo on Heightened Scrutiny Review Related to the Federal Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rule

July 23, 2015: Clarifications and/or Modifications required for Initial Approval (CMIA): This letter notifies states that public comment, input and summary requirements are met, but CMS has identified issues that must be resolved in the Statewide Transition Plan (STP) prior to initial approval.

May 30, 2014: Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and TennCare released a concept paper on the proposed changes to the state’s 1915(c) HCBS waiver programs. The Tennessee Medicaid agency also developed two summary documents about the concept paper intended to be easier to understand:
Concept Paper summary – waiting list
Concept Paper summary – current waiver


Disability Advocacy Organization Comments on Draft STP

September 23, 2014: TennesseeWorks Employers and Providers Workgroup Comments

September 23, 2014: TennesseeWorks Transition Plan Response

July 2, 2014: TennesseeWorks Employers and Providers Workgroup Final Waiver Comments

State Partners

Tennessee University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Disability Rights Tennessee

Tennessee Council on DD

This site is a work in progress and relies on national and state partners to help find and share information and resources. Have news or resources worth posting? Send them to hcbsadvocacy@gmail.com.

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