South Carolina

For the most up to date news and information on your state’s plan, visit: or HCBS Rule Workgroup

Status of HCBS Settings Rule Transition Plans (STP)

CMS Heightened Scrutiny Review Letters

February 10, 2021: Request for Comment Letter (due March 31, 2021)

Final Approvals

February 4, 2020: CMS grants South Carolina final approval of their STP.

Initial Approvals

November 3, 2016: CMS granted State initial approval of their STP. August 7, 2015: CMS notified State of Clarifications and/or Modifications required in order to receive Initial Approval (CMIA).

Draft STP Additions by Date

February 26, 2015: DHHS submitted a Statewide Transition Plan to CMS. November 2014: The Department of Health and Human Services posted a public notice and Statewide Transition Plan. Comments were due December 12, 2014.

Disability Advocacy Organization Comments on Draft STP

December 10, 2014: South Carolina Protection & Advocacy Comments on Draft Transition Plan

State Partners

Center for Disabilities Resources at the University of South Carolina Protection & Advocacy for People with Disabilities South Carolina DD Council
This site is a work in progress and relies on national and state partners to help find and share information and resources. Have news or resources worth posting? Send them to

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