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Dates and Deadlines

All states must submit to CMS a plan for transitioning their current HCBS system into compliance with the new rule by March 17, 2015. States submitting a 1915(c) waiver renewal or amendment before March 17, 2015 must include a transition plan in that submission. States then have 120 days from that submission date to submit a transition plan for the remainder of their HCBS system.

On June 4, 2014 Illinois submitted an 1115 waiver application to CMS and released an accompanying FAQ document. If approved by CMS, this Paths to Transformation waiver would encompass all services and eligible populations under a single 1115 demonstration authority that seeks to integrate care and move away from fee-for-service systems. It would consolidate all existing 1915(c) waivers under the single 1115 waiver.

On January 15, 2015, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services posted a Statewide Transition Plan. Comments were due February 24, 2015.

Revised Statewide Transition Plan open for public comment. Comments due December 9, 2016. Any comments may be submitted online or by mail.  The email address is and the mailing address is:

  • The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
  • Attn:  Waiver Management
  • 201 South Grand Ave East, FL 2
  • Springfield, IL  62763  

State Documents

Illinois Statewide Transition Plan Homepage

New Statewide Transition Plan out for public comment, due date March 5, 2020

Statewide Transition Plan – April 3, 2015

REVISED Statewide Transition Plan

Comment period open for revised Statewide transition plan – deadline January 3, 2016

HCBS Webinars and Forums for public comment (Comments can be submitted by emailing Persons without Internet access can call HFS at (217) 557-1868 to request a hardcopy.)

NEW! Clarifications and/or Modifications required for Initial Approval (CMIA): This letter notifies states that public comment, input and summary requirements are met, but CMS has identified issues that must be resolved in the Statewide Transition Plan (STP) prior to initial approval. CMS sent this letter to Illinois on July 30, 2015

Assessment Phase

Provider Settings Surveys: In September and October 2014, HCBS Waiver providers have been requested to complete a self-administered survey in order for the state to take an inventory of our existing settings. The results of these surveys will be analyzed by the University of Illinois at Springfield, Survey Research Office.  The following are links to documents that have been developed to-date:

  1. Residential Settings Introduction Letter (pdf) (html)
  2. Non-Residential Settings Introduction Letter (pdf) (html)
  3. Residential Settings Cover Letter – 10-02-14 (pdf) (html)
  4. Non-Residential Settings Cover Letter – 10-25-14 (pdf) (html)
  5. Residential Agency Specific Survey (pdf)
  6. Residential Setting Specific Survey (pdf)
  7. Non-Residential Agency Specific Survey (pdf)
  8. Non-Residential Setting Specific Survey (pdf)

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Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago: The Home and Community Ombudsman Program: hotline created for individuals using home and community based services.

Comments can be submitted by emailing Persons without Internet access can call HFS at (217) 557-1868 to request a hardcopy.

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