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Status of HCBS Settings Rule Transition Plan (STP)

Initial Approvals

February 21, 2017: CMS granted State initial approval of their STP.

August 20, 2015: CMS notified State of Clarifications and/or Modifications required in order to receive Initial Approval (CMIA).

Draft STP Additions by Date

February 29, 2016: Draft STP

September 15, 2014: HCBS Assessment Webinar

September 8, 2014: HCBS Assessment

Checklist Instructions
with Examples
Blank Assessment

State Partners

Civitan International Research Center and Sparks Clinic at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program

Alabama Council for DD

This site is a work in progress and relies on national and state partners to help find and share information and resources. Have news or resources worth posting? Send them to

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